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My name is Sylwia. I have been running my shop since 2014. Unexpectedly for all I disappeared in 2018. Our customers kept asking: `Where is Sylwia?` The answer is: I was forced to stay abroad for a few years to fight for my life.

I was a healthy, young woman, so why did I suddenly almost die?

To answer this, we need to look at the human body. Our anatomy is controlling any ongoing serious problems (incl. those without symptoms) until we exceed a certain limit. How? By overloading ourselves with work, stress and long term unsolved `small` problems. Sometimes a bike/car accident or another infection could be a breaking point. Do you know your limit?  I didn`t. Worse: I used to never detoxify myself. I was not aware this is A KEY to maintain health balance (homeostasis).

So how is it possible that I survived and now I am able get back to work?

I was saved by a combination of Rife Machine, Bicom, a series of gut purification procedures (hydrotherapy and enemas), CBD oil, a high dosage of vitamin C, D and loads of supplements and diet change. Later I discovered DMSO liquid or MSM powder. There are other types of scans and treatments available but I can talk only about my own experience. 

Detox yourself before you get into trouble

No amount of money or connections can help you if you know nothing about body detoxifications. You lose everything if you lose your health. See my photos before my illness (those from a few years ago at my journalism work and a long time ago from Miss Poland contest). How do I look today? You have to visit 137 Dawes Road shop. Through the years toxins can eat you quietly until one day you become ill. But all it could be avoided IF body detox is made regularly. It`s all reversible if it`s not too late but takes some time, money and effort. I am on the process of getting my health and shape back.


Who I am to advice you what to do?

I have lived in Fulham for more than 10 years. The salon you visit today, 20 years ago was the first editorial office for the weekly magazine ‘Cooltura’ I work for. But let`s start from the beginning...

After I finished my University degree I got a job in one of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies as a medical representative. After 2 years I arrived in the UK to work in “Cooltura`Polish media in London. For the 20th anniversary of communism`s collapse in Poland my book `Rzeczpospolita III i pół` was released in my home country as the voice of my generation and received a media attention with patronage from  ‘Newsweek`, `The Times`, as well as television channel `TVP History`. Next I got hired as a London correspondent on TVP (the equivalent of the BBC in Poland) for a news program. Life was good. I was healthy and happy.  

When I decided to leave media for a while to place myself into the business industry I organized my own shop and became a massage therapist. However, having too many engagements without regular detox was a big mistake. My health declined in such a quick way, that no one could understand it.


The doctors didn`t know what was wrong

Resting, eating well, nothing helped. It was 2018. I had all worrying symptoms but the blood tests or the MRI was not much helpful. I became a shadow of myself. I had to leave my job. I was spending time and money to travel from one doctor to another. I knew definitely I didn`t have depression. I was having time of my life but physically I was dying. 

It is important to underline the fact that in many cases people overloaded with work, without regular body detox, feel pain all around with constant tiredness, when doctors can`t give diagnosis, often they are told they have depression. Sometimes maybe, but not always. Many of them are simply poisoned by their own toxins, but not aware of it.

I visited the best specialists in London (£350 consultation), I visited the best specialists in Warsaw (£60 consultation) and they said: `We don`t know what`s wrong with you, but we will be looking into it. You definitely have problems, but we have no idea what they are`.

It was.... Lyme disease & coinfections

Diagnosis arrived at the very last minute. Long term lack of body cleanse made my Old Lyme come out. I was also poisoned by electrosmog. Old Lyme is not just one disease. This is a condition your body is in. A condition of long term toxic overload (see the difference between New & Old Lyme in the `Lyme Disease` section).


I am back in London. Thank you all who wished me health, thank you Dora and Monika massage therapists who looked after the shop. 

Something good came out of this illness because during that forced break I was travelling a lot and have found the best solutions for body detoxifications. 

I was properly diagnosed by Daniel Lubryczyński in his clinic in Warsaw who improved my condition significantly. I met famous Polish Doctor Hubert Czerniak who helped me a lot in Katarzyna`s Wojda Clinic in Gdynia Orłowo, they rescued me in summer 2018. Great support also came from Ukrainian doctors based in Poland who helped me a lot, Dr Borys Boligar, Dr Aleksander Bykowszczenko and dr Katarzyna from Concordia. I also had a consultation in Bingen, Germany. I had the privilege to be diagnosed by one of the best doctors in Europe, Mr Stefan Rastocny.

With my long media and medical industry activity as well as personal experience and research I feel empowered to have my knowledge. I am aware that many people suffer in silence without any idea how to escape their suffering. Spreading awareness of BODY DETOX is very urgent task at the moment. I never met anybody who could tell me about it before. I couldn`t get my diagnosis for a long time. Too long… But I don't blame anybody.


Mind, I am not a doctor. I don't offer a medical consultation.

I strictly recommend working close with medical staff to exchange patients experience with doctor`s knowledge. Before starting any alternative therapy please ask your GP for advice.

All therapies I was treated with for my diagnosis of Old Lyme are not medical (in terms of traditional academic medicine) and represent the natural medicine. 

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