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                                                                   Doctors say I`m ok but I`m not

You are feeling exhausted more and more, less able to work, sleep, tired and you know the pandemic is not the only reason.

Your look, your smell, has been changed, your belly gets bigger. Going to the toilet becomes a problem.

                                                                 I am getting worse. What to do?

Your bad feeling might be caused by OVERGROWTH of number of a parasites, fungi, bacteria or viruses inside you. You might be also INTOXICATED by heavy metals or electro-smog. Our digestion system always needs some bacteria help BUT when its balance is disturbed the illness appears. Overgrowth pathogens cause `traffic`.

Our body is a hydraulic system. `Traffic` blocks `pipe` will bring health problems sooner than later. In the beginning constant infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergy, mental health issues (anxiety, mood changes, depression, children`s ADHD etc.) will appear. Later long-term blocks will bring more serious problems like stroke, Lyme, cancer, Parkinson, SM and any autoimmune disease.

                                                                                  Full body detox

You must GET RID OF the overgrowth of pathogens which cause that `traffic`. These have to be killed and removed from the body. The removal is as important as the killing to avoid toxin poisoning. If you are patient enough try a strict of VEGETABLE DIET, herbs, supplements, undergo intermittent fasting, exercising + drink large amount of WATER, fresh juices, take saunas. It all works!

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