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As a Sylwia Milan, `Cooltura` journalist.

Polish weekly magazine published in London

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Author of the books
`Wszystko Na Jedną Kartę` with patronage from Radio Zet, Cooltura, PRL24, and `Rzeczpospolita III i pół`, received a media attention with a patronage from `Polska. The Times`,`Newsweek`, TVP Historia, onet. pl

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TVP London correspondent for news programs at TVP Polonia and TVP Info.
TVP is the equivalent of the BBC in Poland.

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As Sylwia Grin, journalist of web portal

(the biggest website for Polish community in the UK).


Many of the polish emigrants in London may have similar health problems to Sylvia's described ones

(Photo: Sylvia Grin's private Archive)

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Proverbial bread with butter everyday can become verdict sentencing to illness for many people...

(Fot. Getty Images)


Dr Borys Boligar cures patients using lavement on chair specially created by himself.

(Photo by Sylwia Grin)


Can be cheap and healthy? Yes, if you decide to eat more vegetables!

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Book by Dr. Eve Dąbrowska "Przywróć zdrowie żywieniem" and Book "Surowe Zdrowie" by married

couple which has a YouTube channel "Odmładzania na surowo" and lived in London before.


Eationg for certain amounts of time only few products can make it so that a body will "eat" a disease... (Photo: Getty Images)


Yoshinori Ōsumi – Japanese cell biologist connected with Tokyo Institute of Technology, laureate of Noble Award in field of physiology or medicine in 2016 for discoveries about mechanisms of autophagy.
(Photo. Getty Images)

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